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Since 2003 we have been a visionary and a reliable software engineering partner for world-class brands. We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge. In 2016 we decide to provide over services for education institutes.

15.Version 2.3.0

Released Date: 02 Mar, 2022
General Changes
  • Added Accounting & Profit/Loss Report
  • Added reports & Detail in tabs view one window.
  1. Fees Collection Details,
  2. Income Details,
  3. Expense Details,
  4. Payroll Details & Profit / Loss

14.Version 2.2.9

Released Date: 04 Jan, 2022
General Changes
  • Added Income report group wise with sub total & Grand Total
  • Added Income report heads wise
  • Added Expense report group wise with sub total & Grand Total
  • Added Expense report heads wise

13.Version 2.2.7

Released Date: 20 Nov, 2021
General Changes
  • Removed class, section validation in search due fees

Features Enhancement
  •  Added date of birth and teacher’s remark in examinations marksheet
  •  Added file attachment option in online examination descriptive type questions for students
  •  Added option to show profile roll number in marksheet and admit card
  •  Added option for adding subject in Notification Setting
  •   Added delete option in user log report
  •  Added delete option in audit trail report
  •  Added view question option in question bank in online exam
  •  Added check box option for bulk delete in question bank
  •  In student/parent panel select default class-section at first time login
  •  Added option to change Page title for Home Page in Front CMS
  •  Added Assigned staff dropdown in Admission Enquiry

12.Version 2.2.6

Released Date: 20 Sep, 2021
General Changes
  •  On delete class or section, related student will also be delete
Features Enhancement
  •  Added send login credential option for student/parent
  •  Added print fees option in student/parent panel
  •  Added multiple fees collection option in student/panel
  •  Added Daily fees collection report
  •  Added Class Section wise report
  •  Added PHP 8 support (experimental)
  •  Added option to select students for promote students
  •  Added vertical (portrait) layout design for student and staff id card
Bug Fixing
  • Fixed Guardian Occupation disable issue in Student admission
  •  Fixed show warning message issue in student profile update
  •  Fixed Online Student enroll issue when student house is disable
  •  Fixed student list not showing issue in Student user log report
  •  Fixed Backup upload file size issue
  •  Fixed Upload media with file type setting
  •  Fixed lesson plan session issue in student panel
  •  Fixed present student count in dashboard issue
  •  Fixed fees discount issue in admin panel
  •  Fixed fee due reminder issue
  •  Fixed Exam not selected on search issue in print marksheet
  •  Fixed fess print issue in fess collection report
  •  Fixed question edit issue in teacher panel
  •  Fixed start exam showing processing in mobile device
  •  Fixed payment id format export to excel issue in student fee collection report
  •  Fixed staff profile add timeline showing alert issue in MAC OS
  •  Fixed expense graph permission issue on dashboard

11.Version 2.2.5

Released Date: 10 Dec, 2021
General Changes
  • Set default class in user panel 
  • Added guardian related fields in System Fields 
Features Enhancement
  • Added create Staff ID card
  • Added Start Day of Week
  • Added Captcha verification
  • Added Delete Lesson Plan
  • Added Time table sorting through from date
  • Added email validation in Online Admission
  • Added select all in Bulk Student Delete
  • Added new Question type Multi choice, True False and Descriptive in Online Examination
  • Added Quiz option in Online Examination
  • Added notification for Online exam
  • Added rank in Online Examination result
  • Added create class/section wise question in Online Examination
  • Added editor for Math & Science question in Online Examination
  • Added “show me only my question” option in Online exam
Bug Fixing
  • Fixed homework assignment upload issue in user panel
  • Fixed lesson plan for older session
  • Fixed fine issue in multiple fees collection
  • Fixed syllabus status issue in user panel
  • Fixed assign student in online examinations

10.Version 2.2.0

Released Date: 20 Jan, 2020
General Changes
  • Integrated Student/Parent Panel
Features Enhancement
  • Added Multi Class feature in Parent panel
  • Added Rich Text Editor in Question Bank
  • Added Online Examination Result in Parent Panel
  • Added Reference number in Online Admission Form
  • Added Audio/Video file upload support
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Exam Marksheet Design issues
  • Fixed Front CMS Menus, Pages issues

9.Version 2.1.0

Released Date: 28 Dec, 2019
General Changes
  • Integrated Student/Parent Panel
Features Enhancement
  • Added Lesson Plan module
  • Added Alumni module
  • Added Zoom Live Class support
  • Added Multiclass feature in Parent panel
  • Added Rich Text Editor in Question Bank
  • Added Online Examination Result in Parent Panel
  • Added Reference number in Online Admission Form
  • Added Polish language support
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Exam Marksheet Design issues

8.Version 2.0.6

Released Date: 15 May, 2019
General Changes
  • Homework is now based on session
Features Enhancement
  • Added subject in absent notification for period wise attendance
  • Added mobile app support
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Admit Card Design and generate issues
  • Fixed Marksheet Design and generate issue
  • Fixed Student Edit image issue
  • Fixed Dashboard counts
  • Fixed Reports issue
  • Fixed Online Exam status issue
  • Fixed Staff Edit file upload issue
  • Fixed Teacher Rating issue

7.Version 2.0.5

Released Date: 03 Feb, 2019
General Changes
  • Removed Currency Symbol Position
Features Enhancement
  • Added Exam schedule
  • Added Publish result
  • Added Reset linked exams
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Teacher restricted mode
  • Fixed Rank reports
  • Fixed Notification issues
  • Fixed Online admission form issue
  • Fixed Homework status issue
  • Fixed Sidebar freeze issue
  • Fixed Multi language issue
  • Fixed Some missing language keys
  • Fixed Student panel issues
  • Fixed Parent panel issues

6.Version 2.0.4

Released Date: 11 Apr, 2018
General Changes
  • Dynamic left sidebar with user permission
  • Added Invoice Number in Income and Expense module
  • Student Roll Number unique at class level
  • Improved student import
  • Improved Fees Discount at Fees Collect page
  • Improved Login page design
  • Restrict to pay more than balance fees
  • Restrict advance dates in Fees, Income, Expense module
  • Added Fine Column in Balance Fees Report
  • Added Payment Mode in Transaction Report
  • Added Year in student attendance report
  • Changed Admin and User Login page design
Features Enhancement
  • Added Banner Images
  • Added Human Resource with Payroll module
  • Added Staff Directory
  • Added enable/disable staff
  • Added Staff Attendance
  • Added Staff Attendance Report
  • Added Approve Leave Request
  • Added Apply Leave
  • Added Leave Type
  • Added Department
  • Added Designation
  • Added Front Office with Admission Enquiry module
  • Added Admission Enquiry with Status and Follow Up
  • Added Visitor Book
  • Added Phone Call Log
  • Added Postal Dispatch
  • Added Postal Receive
  • Added Complain
  • Added Setup Front Office
  • Added ACL based Roles and Permission module
  • Added Roles
  • Added Assign Permissions on Roles
  • Added enable/disable modules
  • Added Certificate and ID Card Print module
  • Added Student Certificate
  • Added Generate Certificate
  • Added Student ID Card
  • Added Generate ID Card
  • Added Homework module
  • Added Calendar Event
  • Added File based Languages
  • Added class-section and same role upload content in Download Center
  • Added Student Timeline
  • Added login with last logout page
  • Added character count in Email/SMS send message box
  • Added sibling feature in student edit
  • Added Fees Carry Forward to next session
  • Added % in student attendance report
  • Added new fields in student import
  • Added enable/disable student
  • Added online payment in student panel
  • Added Assign Class Teacher
  • Added Teacher Restricted Mode
  • Added Student History
  • Added Guardian Report
  • Added Student Transport Report
  • Added hostel allotment in student admission
  • Added required filed red * mark in forms
  • Added sorting in student attendance page
  • Added Download Center in Parent Panel
Bug Fixes
  • Un-assign Fees Group to all students
  • Student admission page Guardian required filed validation
  • Graph display issue
  • Fixed mobile view left navigation search issue
  • Fixed RTL issues
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • Design related issues

5.Version 2.0.0

Released Date: 4 January, 2018
Bug Fixes
  • Quick Links > Add Income link issue
  • Promote students issue
  • Dashboard Charts issue
  • Fees Collection > Balance Fees Report issue
  • File download issue in Income, Expense module

4.Version 1.0.9

Released Date: 10 August, 2018
General Changes
  • Performance improvement up to 3X faster than previous versions
  • Changed Admin and User Panel login page design
  • Added Guardian Email in Student Profile
  • Added Attach Document in Add Expense
  • Minor design improvements
Features Enhancement
  • Added Inventory module
  • Added Income module
  • Added SMS / Email notifications for Student Admission, Fees Submission, Exam Results, Absent Student, User’s Login Credentials
  • Added custom email / SMS messaging to Users in 3 ways User Groups (Teacher, Students, Guardians etc.), Individuals, and Class-Sections
  • Added Email / SMS messaging log
  • User Log – check User’s login details.
  • Added Quick Session change in Admin Panel
  • Added new improved Forgot Password mechanism
  • Added multiple print selection in Fees Collection
  • Added improved Installer
  • Added User Documentation new responsive design
Bug Fixes
  • Exam Marks submission
  • Forgot Password issue
  • Discount allotment-removal issue

3.Version 1.0.4

Released Date: 30 Mar, 2017
General Changes
  • Admission No required and unique field validation
  • Default login panel is now User Panel instead of Admin Panel for better security
Features Enhancement
  • Added Fees Group
  • Fees allotment on section or individual student
  • Partial fees payment
  • Fees due date
  • Fees discount like staff student, sibling fees discount, early admission fees discount etc.
  • Export table data in Excel, CSV, PDF, Copy and Print format with managing column visibility
  • Create multiple Admin Users
  • Forgot password for Admin Users
  • SMTP support for Email Setting
Bug Fixes
  • Class name edit
  • Student import for Unicode based characters

2.Version 1.0.1

Released Date: 01 Feb, 2017
General Changes
  • Rewritten printing engine in whole system
  • Changed fees category sort order
  • Attendance report text center
Bug Fixes
  • Controller Routing issue on few actions – Hot Fixed
  • Date format issue on some places
  • Added 72 new languages
  • Added language RTL (Right To Left) Text mode
  • Added two new SMS Gateways – Clickatell and Twilio
  • Added Vehicles and Driver details in Transport
  • Added Fees Category CRUD
Features Enhancement
  • Attendance label click selection

1.Version 1.0.0

Released Date: 21 Jan, 2017. 
  • We are glad to announce the initial version release.
  • Version 1.0.0 – First version released. Enjoy it.